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With a full staff of highly trained graphic designers, JVA Art Group is the single source for all your art needs.  We create unique Hospitality Artwork, Healthcare Artwork, Government Artwork and Commercial Artwork.  We cater to the needs of interior designers, architects and space planners.   Together we create the perfect design for any room or public space.

“Designers have chosen the right look, theme, color and fabrics for their projects,” Janet says. “However, when a project is ready for art, the designer can only pick what is readily available, either through a catalog or consultant. This is where we come in. We design your perfect look so you get more art from your budget!”

Benefits of One-Stop Art Sourcing & Installation:  

Just In Time – Projects are priced & started within 48 hours

More Options – Combine 600,000 images & thousands of frames

Save Money – No royalty fees by dealing directly with the artist

Peace of Mind – All artwork is guaranteed to be right the first time JVA Art Group provides unique art solutions that create incredible “First Impressions” and “Memorable Lasting Impressions.”  

  •  We take the designers vision and make art that fits into the project
  •  We listen to what the designer needs to bring their project to completion
  •  Artwork is one of the most important elements of a design project.
  •  We take regional photographs, and create custom hospitality artwork for the designer.
  •  Interior designers give us the idea of what they are looking for and then we create the art.
  •  We change the photographs into artwork: collages, oil paints, abstract and other artistic styles.
  •  We specialize in Hospitality Artwork, Government Artwork and Commercial Artwork.