History of JVA Toggle

A Simple Request That Launched Our Business

JVA Art Group has been in business since 1970. We began as an art gallery and art consulting firm. We were approached by a designer who could not find the art that she envisioned for her design. She told us that as the designer, she spends all of her time picking the style, furniture, fabrics, carpets, and when it comes to art, she can only find what is available in galleries or art consultants.

Like all designers we work with, she knew precisely what she wanted and what she needed, but couldn’t find it. So she asked if we could take a picture of an image she had in mind. Then she asked us to change the color and style until she was happy with the result. And for more than 44 years, we have been giving designers exactly what they ask for in terms of room and public space art through our unique design process.

We then printed and framed her new artwork and she was so happy that she received a specific image that fit into her design, that we started going around the world and taking images that we could artify for designers.

How We “Artify” Your Images

We created a term to describe our unique design process that we have refined over the years: artify.

We started a new art and design concept that has been used in hotel brand programs since we introduced the idea around 15 years ago. We were the first artists to do a brand package for Marriott, the Courtyard Brand. Up until then posters were the art typically used in the brands. We were also first with the Hilton Brands to do Hilton Garden Inn.

Their deciding factor was they needed art that wouldn’t go out of print like posters, that won’t fade like posters, and the artwork is exclusive to that brand, unlike posters. It was very successful and now we are in many brand programs.

A New Generation of Art Designers

We have a full staff of graphic artists who can take your vision and make artwork for your project. Because we are a vertically integrated company, we own the art, design the art, print the art and install if needed, our prices are going to fit in your budget!

We enjoy doing art everyday. We love a challenge. We would love to hear about your story and ideas about what you want to see in your design.

We are here to Partner with you and take your ideas into fruition