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JVA Art Group is a “Vertically Integrated” company- because we own the images; our in-house graphic artists’ services and you do not pay royalty fees for images.

Designers have chosen the right look, theme, color and fabrics for their projects. When a project is ready for art the designer can only pick what is already available, either though a catalog of a consultant. This is where JVA Art Group comes in.
By eliminating several levels of intermediaries, you are ensured that your dollars yield more art!

Exceptional Art, Creative Design! The JVA Art Group & The Art Collector Government provide interior designers with exceptional art through creative design. The process begins with our vast collection of over 500,000 digital photographs from around the world. JVA graphic artists then “artistically enhance” the images to give interior designers exactly what they need to finish their projects.

JVA Art Group & The Art Collector Government provide turnkey art sourcing and installation, which drives significant benefits:

  • You save time as most projects are priced and begun within 48 hours.
  • You have myriad art options since you can combine thousands of frame options and array of different printing mediums with hundreds of thousands original photographs from more than 500 cities worldwide.
  • You reduce your administrative headaches, as all aspects of the project are coordinated through a single source.
  • You save money since you are dealing directly with the artist.
  • Finally, you gain peace of mind since all work is guaranteed to be right the first time.