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Environmental Graphics

Environmental Graphics, also known as EGD has actually nothing to do with Mother Nature or the environment, even though the name would lead you to believe so.  

The main focus of EGD can be separated into three categories. 

  • Wayfinding
  • Identity and Brand Communication
  • Information flow and design
JVA can incorporate elements from your existing design and use them to convey your companies culture, values, and purpose.  By doing so we will create a truly unique space that will not only look amazing but will also communicate to your customer who you are as a company.


There are many benefits of incorporating Environmental Graphics into your design solution.  


These benefits include:

  • Increased organizational awareness
  • Establish credibility and trust within the organization
  • Connect with the audience and employees making them feel engaged, valued and connected
  • Create the story about brand, professionalism, and success
  • Give the space an identity — it tells others and reminds us what we are here to do
  • Corporate culture is the soul of the firm and impacts the way the public and employees experience the organization


Environmental Graphics can be displayed through:

  • Graphic display of organizational culture, values, and purpose
  • Corporate logos and government seals
  • Historic photography and timeline displays
  • Organizational photo galleries
  • Video displays and electronic information signs
  • Donor walls and galleries
  • Object and memorabilia display


JVA Art Group creates solutions by using a variety of materials such as wallcovering, metal, plexiglass, canvas, wood, fiberboard, framed images, architectural cable systems, dimensional letters, and digital media and much more.


Download your copy of our Environmental Graphics book HERE.