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What is LIDA?

LIDA™ (Live Interactive Digital Art) is a new category of public space and room art using leading-edge technologies to create dynamic, responsive and uniquely engaging art experiences.   LIDA allows your guests to interact with technology to create beautiful and unique art pieces by using their own movements.


The LIDA Process

IDEA – Designers bring their ideas of how the art should look and interact.

STYLE – LIDA provides custom Styles as a Design foundation.

DESIGN – JVA artists collaborate with designers to create interactive content that brings their visions to life.

SYSTEM – We deliver Live Interactive Digital Artwork that leaves lasting impressions!


What Differentiates LIDA

Nothing engages guests like LIDA – with smooth, ultra-high-resolution animated artwork generated in real time.  Using life-simulating algorithms, LIDA Designs respond to observers and the  environment in delightfully ways that keeps them coming back for more!




1. Can we use hardware we already have?

Yes.  JVA does not sell hardware for LIDA Video Wall Installations. JVA provides specifications for the Controller Computer, Screens and Sensors required for your desired LIDA Installation. These specs include minimum performance and durability standards as well as recommended standards for best results with our current and near future LIDA Software products.

If your exiting hardware meets the specified requirements, JVA will configure and install the LIDA System Software, Styles and Designs you purchase to run on your hardware. Otherwise, you can acquire, install and support your own off-the-shelf hardware to meet the requirements. Alternately, we have a preferred vendor with national coverage – a full service solution and support source that can provide, install, warrantee, service and maintain any or all of the required hardware.

2. What are the screen size constraints?

Up to 25 synchronized 4K UHD screens at any size each.  The LIDA System Software generates all of its content in real time in the full resolution and the full frame rate (data/refresh speed) of the screens you use. We recommend commercial-grade 4K UHD (2160p) screens in sizes between 55” and 85” for best results. A separate high-end Video Card is required to drive each of these 4K screens at 60Hz. Up to 3 of these Video Cards can be supported by one Controller Computer.

Multiple Controller Computers can be linked together to support up to 25 total screens in a single synchronized Video Wall. Single screens of any size are the easiest and most affordable to install, support and maintain. Hardware costs go up dramatically with the number of synchronized Video Wall screens. If your LIDA Installation can operate independently on each  screen (with its own independent sensors) costs go down significantly.

3. Can I change out my content whenever I want?

Yes.  LIDA Software for LIDA Installations is sold in three separate parts: LIDA System Software; LIDA Styles; and LIDA Designs. You need at least one of each of these for an initial LIDA Installation. The LIDA System Software  is the Core Platform upon which LIDA Styles are built. LIDA Styles implement specific types of user experiences. LIDA Designs “artify” LIDA Styles by adding specific content and fine-tuning to deliver the final Live Interactive Digital Artwork.

The LIDA System Software includes a Local Web Server to communicate with and deliver content to LIDA Apps that run on mobile devices, laptops and computers owned/operated by LIDA clients/owners, system administrators and users (if desired).

The LIDA Admin App allows clients/owners and authorized system administrators to securely purchase, download and install on their LIDA Installations – new LIDA Styles/Designs from LIDA Systems / JVA Art Group. This same LIDA Admin App allows LIDA Styles/Designs to be scheduled to run on LIDA Installations based on specified events (fixed days/dates/times, in response to user/environmental inputs, and/or manually).

4. What is the cost?

Price varies from project to project.  For details email

The LIDA System Software is the Core Platform required for each LIDA Installation. This is a one-time purchase with free upgrades for the life of your LIDA Installation. Future versions of LIDA with significantly expanded features may require a paid upgrade to support the newest LIDA Styles and Designs, but at least the initial Styles/Designs purchased with the initial LIDA Installation will not require any paid LIDA System Software upgrades to continue operation.

Note that maintenance and security upgrades to the Operating System running on your Controller Computer are very important, but these are the responsibility of either your own IT department/contractor or your hardware/IT vendor / maintenance provider. JVA does not sell or support any LIDA Video Wall hardware.

LIDA Styles implement specific types of user experiences and are each sold separately. LIDA Designs “artify” LIDA Styles by adding specific content and fine-tuning to deliver the final Live Interactive Digital Artwork – each sold separately. LIDA Styles do not work without at least one LIDA Design for each Style, but multiple LIDA Designs can be purchased for each LIDA Style you purchase. Any upgrades to purchased LIDA Styles and/or designs that do not add significant new content/features will be downloadable for free.

Clients can purchase existing LIDA Styles/Designs for their LIDA Installations, or they can contract JVA to create customized Styles/Designs to exactly fit their artistic visions. JVA also offers a subscription service for LIDA Styles/Designs as an alternative to individual purchases. This allows subscriber clients to select from our library, download and use a fixed number of existing and new LIDA Styles/Designs.

The LIDA System Software and LIDA Style technologies are covered under a provisional patent as well as copyrights. All LIDA products – including LIDA Designs – are copyrighted works that remain the exclusive property of LIDA Systems and/or JVA Art Group. All LIDA code and content purchased (or leased via subscription) is in the form of a license to use and display the LIDA code and content only on previously purchased LIDA Installations.

5. How do we get the content?

Initial LIDA Installations (including LIDA System Software and initially purchased/leased LIDA Styles/Designs) are installed by JVA on your hardware – either pre-hardware-delivery, onsite or remotely. New LIDA Styles/Designs purchased later are added via secured download immediately after the purchase transaction is complete. See Q4 for more details on purchasing and/or leasing LIDA products.

6. What type of screen do you suggest?

Commercial-grade 4K UHD (2160p) screens in sizes between 55” and 85” for best results.

Commercial-grade screens are significantly more expensive than consumer-grade TV screes.  But they offer dramatically better 24/7/365 (always on) durability, extremely thin frames (bezels) for minimal gaps between screens, specifically designed for wall mounting in vertical as well as horizontal (or even diagonal) orientations with multiple screens touching each other edge-to-edge, and sophisticated electronic technologies to keep all Video Wall screens calibrated to match each other as closely and consistently as possible over much long periods of time. Much less expensive consumer-grade TVs can be used if desired – usually recommended only for single-screen LIDA Installations – and only with the understanding that these TVs should not be expected to last for years of heavy use.

LIDA Installations are designed to interact with guests/observers/users at close range. So it is very important to have the best possible resolution – so the artwork does not appear grainy or fuzzy. With smaller screens (below 36”) an FHD (1080p) screen might be considered adequate, but LIDA Video Walls should be experienced on at least 55” screens for truly engaging impact. A screen size of at least 75” is recommended for single screen LIDA Installations.

7. Can this product go outdoors?

Not recommended in most cases – but can be done with specialized screens or projectors, adequate weather proofing and environmental conditions that allow adequate visibility of the content and reliable performance of the sensors. Contact us directly to discuss details for this type of LIDA Installation – and referral to hardware and system vendors who can help.

8. How often do we have to update the content?

As long as you are happy with what you have – never. However, LIDA Systems and JVA Art Group will continually add more innovative and exciting new LIDA Styles and LIDA Designs that you will want to added to your collection – or you might be interested in our subscription service to keep your LIDA Installation fresh and increasingly engaging every month.