Artistic Substrates Toggle

We print original artwork on almost any substrate you can imagine. We specialize in digital prints on wall covering, plexiglass, metal, bamboo, canvas, glass….and more. Printing artwork on different innovative substrates transforms the original design in unique and unexpected ways.


Original artwork printed on ½” or ¼” sustainable bamboo (Green Option). Eco-Friendly due to being a 90% rapidly renewable material, low-emitting materials, and composite wood.


Artwork printed on a matte-coated surface canvas, which allows for great art-reproduction and photo printing.  Acid-free, allows for accurate colors while being water resistant adding greater durability and ease in stretching.


Using digital textile printing JVA can work with a multitude of fabrics, creating anything from drapes to throw pillows.


JVA uses the highest quality frames to ensure beauty and durability.


We utilize the latest in printing technology to produce stunning custom printed glass creations.

LED Lightbox

LED light panels, LED lit panel sizes are 2’ x 4’ to 4’ x 10’. Can be used on ceilings, walls and suspended.


Original artwork printed on aluminum composite material which allows for a wide gamut of colors, great contemporary look for inside or out.

Moving Mural

Moving Murals™ have revolutionized how an art feature can interact with a space by combining high-resolution photography with cutting edge technology.


Artwork printed on large format, high resolution, printed on ½” clear acrylic with polished edges.

Reclaimed Wood

Artwork printed on directly to reclaimed wood, giving the design a very rustic feel.


Artwork printed on digital suede type II emboss wall covering, ideal for reproducing artwork and photographs and designed for high-quality image reproduction.

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