Revive your environment and enchant your space with artwork that will take your breath away. We want to encourage healing based on natural elements and colors that stimulate an energy of optimism as well as providing comfort for the soul.

Therapeutic, Nature Influenced Solutions.

Our goal when designing healthcare artwork is to provide environments that promote self-healing and spiritual growth.

JVA designs spaces that are to be nurturing, stress-reducing, and therapeutic. We create healthcare artwork that connects patients to nature with imagery of gardens, aquariums, the outdoors, water elements, and much more. Photography and art that is based on natural elements have been found to promote energy and optimism, helping patients feel comforted and helps redirect negative thoughts. When we create healthcare art, we do so with the intent that it will help soothe the spirits of patients and their families.


With over 45 years of experience in the healthcare art industry, JVA has the knowledge needed to create uplifting environments for patients in all types of healthcare facilities.

We can transform a space, using our 650,000 digital images from around the world, into something that soothes nerves and promotes healing.

Our full staff of graphic artists create custom art for your space that will leave a lasting positive impression on all of your patients and visitors.