Great Interiors Deserve JVA.

Celebrate Your Other Sides.

At JVA Art Group we create original works of art for some of the world’s leading designers and brands. With concierge-level service, your vision, however eclectic or ambitious, will be brought to life seamlessly to seduce, shape and evoke an extraordinary impression.



With over 45 years in the hospitality art industry, JVA has had the opportunity to create custom art brands for some of the industries leading names including: Marriott, Hilton, Starwood, Intercontinental, Wyndham, and much much more.

Every Room Is A Room With A View.

We work hand-in-hand with interior designers, owners, and hotel brands to create unique hospitality artwork.

JVA Art Group works with many of the top names in the hospitality business. We anticipate the client's needs for their space and work with them to create stunning artwork for guestrooms and public spaces. We believe that great design can transform a space into something much more.


Interior Designers have an idea of how they want the artwork to tell the story of their space.

JVA provides exclusive imagery and initial art ideas based on the designers’ thoughts.

From there, JVA works one-on-one to brainstorm and come up with a personalized game plan for your artwork.

Our hands-on approach ensures that the quality is always perfect before being shipped and installed.


Revive your environment and enchant your space with artwork that will take your breath away. We want to encourage healing based on natural elements and colors that stimulate an energy of optimism as well as providing comfort for the soul.

Therapeutic, Nature Influenced Solutions.

Our goal when designing healthcare artwork is to provide environments that promote self-healing and spiritual growth.

JVA designs spaces that are to be nurturing, stress-reducing, and therapeutic. We create healthcare artwork that connects patients to nature with imagery of gardens, aquariums, the outdoors, water elements, and much more. Photography and art that is based on natural elements have been found to promote energy and optimism, helping patients feel comforted and helps redirect negative thoughts. When we create healthcare art, we do so with the intent that it will help soothe the spirits of patients and their families.


With over 45 years of experience in the healthcare art industry, JVA has the knowledge needed to create uplifting environments for patients in all types of healthcare facilities.

We can transform a space, using our 650,000 digital images from around the world, into something that soothes nerves and promotes healing.

Our full staff of graphic artists create custom art for your space that will leave a lasting positive impression on all of your patients and visitors.


We will collaborate with you to create art that truly catches eyes, set moods, and changes perceptions. Here at JVA Art Group, we can take any corporate building or multifamily facility and customize artwork that will reflect the culture and identity of your brand.

JVA-A World Authority In Strategic Art Design.

We like design to be visually powerful, intellectually elegant, and above all... timeless.
Commercial Artwork helps to define a space and capture the individual company’s a sense of style. We give our customers exactly what they want, when they want it, at affordable prices. With JVA's experts in the creation and curation of fine art, we will design something that can project your brand's personality into any room.


Whether it be for a romantic night out or a quick bite, JVA Art Group can create restaurant art that will truly set the mood and stimulates the appetite.

Having worked with Ruth's Chris, Sierra Gold, the Highball & Harvest in the Orlando Ritz Carlton, and many others; we have the confidence and experience to make any restaurant look absolutely delectable.

Indulge in artwork and colors that will stir the senses and will make any customer crave more. JVA will create an ambiance that will define and represent your brand.

  • (Janet's) Enthusiasm And Passion For Her Art Is Contagious...
    "Whatever task Janet undertakes, she does it with all her heart and soul. A picture is worth a 1000 words and Janet’s pictures and creations are the “Cream de la Cream”; the icing on top of the cake. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Janet Van Arsdale, and her wonderful team at JVA, for the past decade. Art collaborations are most of the time the last element in the room or environment; Yet often, the most important piece. Project’s such as the Hilton Anaheim, Hilton Long Beach, Marriott New Orleans are just a handful of Domestic projects I’ve enlisted Janet’s help, to create and deliver a unique art package, taking not just aesthetics and creativity, but also budget, into consideration. Most recently, at the help of my own Studio, Atwater Inc, Janet and her team collaborated with our office to create a custom experience at the Boutique Le Bon Hotel in Hollywood and Commerce Casino in California. Janet is amazing; As the Captain of her Camera, she makes your creations come alive. Her enthusiasm and passion for her art is contagious and one is lucky to have her team as part of the Hotel development and Artistic package. "
    Stina Funch, Founder/ Creative Director | Atwater INC. Studio
  • We Look Forward To A Long Working Relationship With JVA Art Group...
    "It is my pleasure to provide this business reference on behalf of Janet Van Arsdale and the JVA Art Group. JVA provided us with tasteful aesthetics for our medical office buildings by merging beautiful artwork with directional signage. We reviewed Janet’s photographs from around the world. The images we picked were then transferred onto large plexiglass panels and installed in our facility. JVA Art Group skillfully managed all facets of the project. Janet and her talented team of graphic artists make this phase of my job an enjoyable experience. We look forward to a long working relationship with JVA Art Group."
    Loni Rush, Director of Design | Pacific Medical Buildings
  • A Pleasure To Work With...
    "As always, it is such a pleasure to work with you and your very talented team of artwork designers and photographers, and you always seem to come up with such unusual concepts for our art, whether it is a Hilton, Marriott, Radisson or a boutique property. You put together such a great presentation for our clients, and they always are really impressed with how professional you all are. Your costs are always in line with our budgets, and we love how you work with us to be sure our design concepts become a reality. You are indeed one of our favorite vendors to work with, and we look forward to working with you on several more hospitality projects in the near future! Thanks for always consistently doing such an amazing job for us, we really appreciate all your hard work and talent, that exceeds anything we have seen from your competition! "
    Claudia Baker, President | Baker Design Associates, Inc.
  • I Would Highly Recommend JVA Art Group!...
    "JVA was very easy to work with in regards to creating the artwork packages. In addition to sending us a large variety of photograph images to choose from, they were spot on when modifying the images to get our desired final look for each piece. Also, if they did not have images from a specific city, they traveled to that location to acquire them. The cost for custom artwork was very reasonable and we were always satisfied with the end result. Therefore, I would highly recommend JVA Art Group! "
    Sarah Jenne, Designer | studioSIX5
  • Their Service Is Wonderful...
    "JVA Art Group is an industry leader in the custom art field. They offer an extensive library of photography that can be custom colored and altered to any design scheme. Their creative department is superior and their service is wonderful. We appreciate that their competitive price points make custom art an option for any application. We have worked with Janet Van Arsdale at JVA for more than a decade on many Hilton Brands and we continue using them as they keep their art offering fresh and unique. I appreciate their personal service and hands on approach. They are a trusted and valued resource. "
    Sherri Cline, International Design Inc.